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The PipeKnifeĀ® Company acquires Arctic Warmers

Put an end to cold weather construction frustrations! Specially designed warming bags and wraps by Arctic Warmers help solve cold weather problems with: caulk tubes, spray foam hoses, spary foam tanks, and sealing tapes. PipeKnife has acquired Arctic Warmers, but their award winning mission to design and develop high quality products that solve cold weather application problems will continue.   Visit the Arctic Warmers Website   Arctic Warmers Press Release
Arctic Warmers Products

Setting Mate — Windshield Setting Tool

Setting Mate is a one person windshield setting tool. No vacuum cups are needed. Now you can set windshields quickly and accurately with ease. Setting Mate carries all the weight. And it's one of the lowest cost windshield setting tools available!   Setting Mate Product Details   Setting Mate Press Release

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