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We have a full selection of Auto Glass cut-out and installation tools. Urethane long knives, the original PipeKnife®, cold knives and blades, windshield and rear window setting tools, specialty and utility blades, scrapers, utility knives and dozens of blades for all types of knives. All types of auto glass tools for all types of glass removal and installation.

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Why Choose PIPEKNIFE Over Other Cutout Knives

MADE in USA and A Better Design

The PipeKnife® is machined from high-strength, heat-treated aluminum bar and completed with quality component fasteners. 

We use a Pem® self-clinching nut that is pressed into the metal, providing a permanent high-strength thread.

The PipeKnife®, which is a 100% USA made product, provides the best overall design and quality for your cutout needs.