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We have a full selection of Auto Glass cut-out and installation tools. Urethane long knives, the original PipeKnife®, cold knives and blades, windshield and rear window setting tools, specialty and utility blades, scrapers, utility knives and dozens of blades for all types of knives.

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The PipeKnife® Company announces the hiring of Jason Horne as technical advisor.

Golden, Colorado, October 26, 2018 – The PipeKnife® Company ( and, manufacturer of the original PipeKnife® sealant cutout knife today announced the hiring of Jason Horne of J&N Auto Glass Solutions Inc. effective November 1, 2018 as technical advisor and new product development manager for the auto glass and glazing tool line of The PipeKnife® Company… Read More

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Setting Mate — Windshield Setting Tool

Setting Mate is a one person windshield setting tool. No vacuum cups are needed. Now you can set windshields quickly and accurately with ease. Setting Mate carries all the weight. And it’s one of the lowest cost windshield setting tools available!

Setting Mate press release

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